Моля попълнете следния примерен тест, ако желаете да добиете представа за вашето ниво.


  • Ако не въведете отговор на някой въпрос, той ще бъде счетен за грешен.
  • След като въведете отговори на всички въпроси, натиснете бутона "Проверка", за да видите вашия резултат.

Забележка: Този тест е само ориентировъчен и покрива нивата от основния курс. Единствено тестове, направени в офисите на LinguaMundi са критерий за точно определяне на входното ниво.

1 mark per correct answer

I. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given.

1. This is a 'no smoking' office.
You in this office.

2. Sally decided not to do her homework and went to a nightclub.
Sally went to a nightclub homework.

3. Lisa's grandfather is teaching her Chinese.
Lisa her grandfather.

4. If you're not travelling more than 10 kilometres from the city centre, you can use this ticket.
If you're travelling the city centre, you can use this ticket.

5. "I will complete the work only if you pay me 500 pounds extra," said Frank.
"I will you pay me 500 pounds extra," said Frank.

6. The clients demanded to stay in a first-class hotel.
The clients in a first-class hotel.

7. Suzanne was too excited to sleep.
Suzanne was not sleep.

8. Robert has not had a job for two years.
Robert has for two years.

9. Because it snowed heavily during the night the motorway is closed.
The motorway is closed that there was heavy snow the night before.

10. I don’t care what you do.
As you can do what you like.

11. The meal we had in the restaurant was so nice.
It meal in the restaurant.

12. Do you and your brother have the same looks?
Does you?

13. What do you think Steve is doing in the garden?
She in the garden.

14. I've tried again and again but I just can't do it.
No try, I still can't do it.

2 marks per correct answer

1. I am sure that Suzanne won’t be late.
Suzanne on time.

2. I think you should take up jogging.
If I take up jogging.

3. Your hair needs cutting.
You cut.

4. We have agreed to meet again in a month.
It has meet again in a month.

5. If you are in Plovdiv by any chance, come and see me.
If you come and see me.

6. The fire was brought under control thanks to the night-watchman.
If it hadn’t got out of control.

7. The premier proposed regular meetings for the committee.
The premier should meet regularly.

8. I waited for him until 8.30 and then gave up.
I waited for him until 8.30 gave up.

9. ‘No, I really don’t want to stay the night, Sophia,’ Ann said.
Ann insisted the night at Sophia’s house.

10. Joe doesn’t like it when people treat him like a child.
Joe like a child.

11. We get on very well with our next-door neighbours.
We are our next door neighbours.

12. The meeting will probably be cancelled.
The meeting will be cancelled.

13. The best solution was thought of by Pauline.
Pauline the best solution.

14. What happened confirmed the truth of Terry’s decision.
Terry’s prediction by subsequent events.


I. For questions 1-6, read the text and decide which answer best fits each gap.
2 marks per correct answer

Good shoppers may be made in heaven. A scientific study into astrology and lifestyles has shown a remarkable correlation between our star signs and the way we spend money. The research, (1)_____ on an analysis of 30,000 people’s backgrounds, lifestyles and shopping habits, comes from an impeccable (2)_____. It states that chocolate companies should target those born under Aries, jewellers should (3)_____ out Geminis and sports gear manufactureres should focus on Scorpios. All three signs have long been characterised by astrologers as outgoing, sociable and competitive. By (4)_____, those selling more commonplace produsts such as DIY equipment should target Aquarians, while office equipment makers could do no worse than focus on Virgos, who have a (5)_____ to be work-driven. Taureans, Pisceans and Cancerians are the ideal customer for any company. Their diffidence makes them unusually cautious, meaning they exhibit high levels of brand (6)_____. As regards the other signs, well they could be just so mean they’re not worth targeting at all.







II. For questions 1-3, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.
3 marks per correct answer

I hate travelling by because I usually get horribly sick.
Venice in winter has always appealed for its of mystery and sadness.
Sadly, the in my home town has become increasingly polluted.

His parents were so relieved when he finally got a job.
In rain, the crowd waited patiently for a bus to take them home.
Although she was nervous, her voice was as she welcomed everyone to her recital.

The severity of the punishment depends very much on the of the crime.
Even as a child he loved and enjoyed being in the countryside.
She has a lovely sunny - everyone loves her and always has.

III. Read the text below and use the word at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.
2 marks per correct answer

Retail therapy has become one of Britain’s most
(0)leisure (1).
But the percentage of the population suffering
from the serious (2) condition of
shopping addiction is reaching crisis point,
(3) the number of drug and
drink addincts in the UK combined.
Experts believe ten percent of the population,
and possibly twenty per cent of women, are
maniac, compulsive shoppers. Most shopaholics
are(4) in debt, and the
condition has led to family break-ups,
depression, (5) and even
Known as omniomania, the condition has been
known to psychiatrists since the early 1900s but
only now is it reaching epidemic proportions.
Jim Goudie, a (6)
psychilogist at Northumbria University, said:
‘One of the reasons behind this sudden increase
is that shopping has never been so







IV. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given.
3 marks per correct answer

1. Although poetry readings are fun, the way in which poems are read sometimes annoys me.
Much as I how poems are read.

2. While most writers earn only modest royalties, a lucky few create a bestseller.
A few writers earning only modest royalties is the norm.

3. ‘I always said I didn’t do anything wrong!’ the man said.
From doing anything wrong.

4. Susie believes this job interview is really important.
Susie this job interview.